Ososonic was inspired in the eighties by the Italo disco sound of Gino Soccio, Giorgio Moroder, Kano and Mr. Flagio. At that time he bought his own turntables and organized his own parties.
In 2016 he opened his own club in Rotterdam (Bahn) together with Pop On Acid, after that a busy time arrive. For 4 years he was resident DJ and programmer of Stereo Vedett in Belgium, played in various clubs, festivals and at his own parties.
In Shanghai he gets to know a Dutch club owner and from then on he did two DJ tours through China.
He is currently involved with Cell Performance Art and Onverwachts.
And further the development of the Ososonic brand.
​Ososonic does not believe in genres but more in transferring energy
and is known for its energetic eclectic sets.